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Yoga Asanas That Working Ladies Can Practice For A Healthier Life

Working Lady

In today’s competitive world, ladies always face challenges at home and at work. They are considered as the care givers, and take maximum pressure from all quarters of life. So, it is these women who need to engage in proper fitness practice. However, many women fail to do that, as life is hectic. You can If you are one of them, take this opportunity to go for the 50 Hr Yoga Teacher Training in Chiang Mai. Yoga Samadhi is one of the renowned schools in Chiang Mai, where you will be entitled to the best training and knowledge.

Head to the Best Yoga Retreat in Chiang Mai, so that you can get to learn of techniques that you can use in your daily life. The yoga retreat is one of the few, which is also interested in community service. So, you can very well understand that it is the right place for you.

What Is The 50 Hr Yoga Teacher Training In Chiang Mai?

The 50 Hr Yoga Teacher Training in Chiang Mai is one of the best yoga training sessions, that you can do, for self-development and teaching as well. If you manage to do the 200-hour yoga TTC, this can be the next step for you, to spread your wings. Chiang Mai is a safe place for all foreigners. It is located in North Thailand, and boasts of tranquil surroundings. Now, you can go there and be a part of the program. You should feel lucky to be able to visit the Buddhist temples and monasteries there.


The program includes daily Hatha Yoga practice and Ashtanga Yoga practice. Moreover, you will also learn about anatomy and physiology. Daily Pranayama and Karma yoga practice is also a part of the program. You will also indulge in Yoga Nidra sessions. This is the best short-term program for all yoga enthusiasts as well, as a standalone course. If you get the opportunity to head to Chiang Mai as a part of your daily routine, you should consider going to Yoga Samaadhi. It will be a life changer for you. Seven days of training, for a beginner can change the course of your life. The Best Yoga Retreat in Chiang Mai will provide you with the right ambience and training, so that you can get over your mental and fitness issues, due to excess work and other lifestyle factors.

Few Asanas Especially For Working Women

After a certain age, most women start suffering from several illness and menopause as well. The latter causes numerous hormonal changes in the body, which can affect women on a deep level. As fitness deteriorates, the mental health also goes down. But if you are a woman reading this, and can manage to introduce yoga in your life, then you can make great changes. Additionally, you should include Pranayama as well, with yoga asanas.

Here are a few poses that you can practice with least interference and without props.

Boat pose or Navasana

It is one of the easiest poses that any woman can do. You simply have to lie down on the floor, on your back. Keep the hands by your side, and lift them slowly, so that they are parallel to the ground. Lift the upper torso, from the shoulder and head upwards. The legs also go up, without being folded at the knees. Hold the pose for a few minutes to strengthen the core, shoulder muscles and the legs. You will also be able to lose flab.
Boat Pose

Vrikshasana or Tree pose 

It is another pose, which you can practice with elan. You can actually bring stability into your life, through this asana. It also adds self-confidence and helps you to stand strong like a tree, no matter, what challenges life throws at you. You will be practicing this asana on one leg, while the other one rests on the thigh, with soles in contact. You can join both the hands at the chest or raise them above the head and balance your entire body on one foot. The body should be in a straight line. You can also strengthen your karma, by chanting a few mantras.

Tree Pose

Halasana or Plough pose

It is another pose, which you should practice. You can even do it at night, before retiring. It is an effective stretching yoga asana. The body resembles a plough, when you are deep into the pose. Lie flat on the ground, with the hands by your sides. Raise both feet up in the air, together. Try to bring both in contact with the floor, on the opposite side of the head. Your body should only rest on the head and shoulders. It is an extremely effective asana that solves issues with your abdomen and digestive system.

Plough Pose

There is more to yoga, than asanas though. You can practice some of the breathing techniques like Ujjayi Pranayama and Bhramari Pranayama. You can practice both these.


Ujjayi Pranayama

It is also called Victorious breath. Inhale and exhale naturally. Then you have to bend your head towards the chin and block the flow of air. Inhale for a longer time and hold the breath in your throat. While inhaling, you have to make a sound, like a snake or that of the waves. Try to be calm and balance yourself. This is one of the best Pranayamas for women, who suffer from depression like symptoms.


Bhramari Pranayama

It is another breathing technique, which you can practice today. Many yogis also call it the humming bee breath. The basic Bhramari is the easiest one that you can practice, in your busy schedule. Sit with your eyes closed. Inhale and then make a slow pitched sound, while exhaling. The sound vibrations arise due to the vibration of the tongue and teeth. It will affect your entire brain. So, you can do it anywhere you want to. And, you can do it in the morning, before leaving for work. You will be able to get rid of anxiety-related problems.


Get ready to enjoy the amazing benefits of the breathing exercises, after completing the 50 Hr Yoga Teacher Training in Chiang Mai.

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