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Yoga Pose

Yoga practice is a centuries-old traditional Eastern discipline. Practitioners of this physical and mental exercise have developed unique poses that embody their

Working Lady

In today’s competitive world, ladies always face challenges at home and at work. They are considered as the care givers, and take

5 Ways To Stretch And Wake Up From Your Bed

When it comes to waking up from bed, there are many ways in which you can get a great wake-up stretch that

Best Yoga Pose for Practice

Staying fit is important for your mental as well as physical health. If you spend all day tucked away in a desk

Better Night's Sleep

In today’s world, there are many people across different countries who are looking to improve their sleep quality. Some of these methods

How To Meditate

Meditation can be a difficult practice to maintain, and it’s easy for people to get bored or frustrated when they try to

Yoga Teaching Job

So, you have completed your yoga teacher training. Now what do you want to do? You must have studied yoga at one

Yoga Poses for Core Strengthening

All those of you who have been exercising for a long time, and are a professional already know about core exercises. Many

Yoga Poses Can Help With Back Pain

It is a known fact, that yoga deals with the mind and the body. Moreover, it never works in isolation. You can