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Hope Pukalanant (Founder & Project Manager)

Hope is the founder and Project Manager of Yoga Samaadhi. She plans, coordinates and manages the three main streams of activities related to sustainability, community outreach and yoga programs at the center. Since childhood, Hope has a strong love and appreciation for nature and animals. Her experience with local and international sustainable communities in Thailand and abroad has shown her the spiritual nature of a sustainable lifestyle. She finds a kind of freedom in people within such loving and self-sustained communities as they are more distant from the influence of and the mental state caused by capitalism. Her connection with nature was the main force that motivated her to seek spiritual progress which eventually brought her into yoga and meditation. Gradually it became clear to that her main focus in life is to integrate spirituality and sustainability into daily life through yoga and meditation, believing that the combination of the two ideally brings peace and joy in the body and mind, which is what we all ultimately strive for.  

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Acharya Chandramani (Co-Founder & Lead Yoga Instructor)

Archarya Chandramani is the founder and director of Yoga Vidya Mandiram, centered in the valley of Rishikesh, India where yoga originated and currently known as the world capital of yoga.  The school is Yoga Samaadhi’s main contributor in sharing yoga knowledge and experience to us.  The wisdom gained from the philosophy and practice of yoga and meditation is open to all, regardless of religion, ethnicity, culture and backgrounds.  Yoga Vidya Mandiram teaches yoga as a lifestyle that we carry in our thoughts, speech and action no matter where are we.  We are working together in collaboration to spread peace of the mind through the ancient philosophy and practices of the Vedic culture. 

Mae Paew (Permaculture/Thai Herbs Expert)

Mae Paew (our Farm Mother) has been an important supporter and advisor of Yoga Samaadhi. Our Farm Mother shares with us her extensive knowledge on medicinal use of Thai herbal plants for common health issues and the way of living harmoniously with nature as well as becoming more self-sustainable. She is our main leader and teacher for hands on activities related to growing food forest and using available natural resources to maintain health. She also shares her love by providing homemade fruit juice and herbal drinks for our school in the months when we hold sustainable activities and yoga programs. Please find more about our sustainability activities in “Our Projects”.

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Our Partner

P’ Bee (Project Co-Ordinator)

P’ Bee and her team are Yoga Samaadhi’s supporters in connecting us to the local community at Mae Sapok Village in Mae Win (Sub-District), Mae Wang (District), where our center is located, as well as taking care of accommodation and meals for our members during our yoga programs. With P’Bee’s help, we have found opportunities for charitable activities for the community such as making donations to Mae Sapok Children’s center, purchasing local handmade accessories and clothing directly from Karen villagers at their village and giving a hand to locals in rice planting and harvesting season.