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Community Outreach

Reaching Out to Locals

Yoga Samaadhi is located in Mae Sapok village area in Mae Win (Sub-District), Mae Wang (District). Within this area, most of the villagers are local hill tribes. There are several tribes, but the most well-known tribe are the Karen, Mong and Lahu tribes. There are ethnic minorities in Thailand, living in remote highland areas of the country. The Hill tribes face high degree of poverty due to limited access to social services such as school and hospital, as well as lack of opportunities for skill development and employment. Their main source of earning is through agriculture, handcrafts and handmade clothing and wage employment.

As locals, P’Bee and her family works to create job opportunities for hill tribe villagers at her guesthouse, as well as recommending local villagers as tour guides for interested guests. In her free days, she invests for time compiling donations for children center, fundraising for local hospital and participating in events held by the villagers. With P’Bee’s guidance and help, Yoga Samaadhi is shown opportunities for charitable activities for the community such as making donations to Mae Sapok Children’s center, purchasing local handmade accessories and clothing directly from Karen villagers at their village and giving a hand to locals in rice planting and harvesting season.

Upcoming dates for activities to be announced.