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Yoga Samaadhi Vision

Yoga Samaadhi is an effort to integrate three life streams for social harmony. First, cultivating our inner awareness through the art and science of yoga and meditation. Secondly, applying awareness for a conscious living with nature and self-sustainability and finally, sharing our joy and happiness through community outreach activities.

It is our priority to create safe space for everyone to express, reflect and contemplate.  We believe in the center and balance between the body, mind and spirit as an essential foundation for personal and spiritual growth.  Through yoga philosophy, knowledge and practices, we strive to guide all spiritual seekers toward a joyful living, contented mind and spirit, a holistic lifestyle and together move closer to self-realization.   What ancient wisdom we have to share, only serves as a tool to achieve these goals.  We wish to make this tool accessible to all and trust that all dear ones utilize this great gift, passed down from yogis and ascended masters, for spiritual growth.

Our Philosophy

Our school believes in human potential for growth.  We are seeds ready to sprout.  With good soil, water and sunlight, there is no telling how beautifully you will grow.  We believe in living and growing with love, unity and harmony, both internally and externally.


Some essential philosophies we try to bring forth in our teachings and daily lives are:


(1) “Self-love and acceptance is the first step to a joyful life”
We believe in a harmonious living.  Harmony between the mankind and all of Mother Earth and her creation.  However, in order to find such kind of external harmony we have to start by going inwards to find internal harmony between you and yourself.  To rediscover, understand, accept and love our own true nature is the first step necessary to face the external world and to deal with what life brings.  The love of your true self brings stability and strength to live fearlessly but with compassionate and love for all beings.  We believe that the solution to all external problems in the world first starts from finding the peace within ourselves. 


(2) “Discover who you are and find the ultimate purpose in life.”
Human nature is built-in with curiosity.  We love to solve problems, we look to discover the unknown, and we crave for answers.  The greatest mystery of all are questions of our existence, “Who am I? Why am I here?” Without your name, fame, diploma, job position and success stories, who remains underneath these identification given to you by society?  There is nothing wrong with us living in the norms of society.  However, we encourage all to discover their own uniqueness, your true self and a higher purpose beyond living life within that norm defined by others.  This is your personal journey to make. 


(3) “Spirituality in sustainability as a way of life.”
There is a strong spirituality in sustainability.  Spirituality is a way of living and so is sustainability.  It is our attitude towards life that translates in thoughts, speech and action.  The two concepts are intertwined and is inseparable.   In loving and caring for surrounding nature, you also unconsciously direct the same energy inwards and, in time, gradually extends to others.  For many who find difficulty loving themselves or people around them, spending quality time in nature and learning to connect with Mother Earth can proof to be emotionally, mentally and physically therapeutic and healing.

Our Partners

Acharya Chandramani

Co-Founder & Lead Instructor

Hope Pukalanant

Founder & Project Manager

Mae Paew (Farm Mother)

Permaculture & Thai Herbs Specialist

P'Bee (K. Inthira K.)

Project Co-Ordinator