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Yoga Course in  Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is well-known for its spiritual aspects, with its strong spiritual practices that it inseparable from its culture.  Chiang Mai is located in Northern Thailand where spirituality has been prominent since ancient times.  The energy that created from generation until today leaves us a positive and calming vibration in the air that suits yoga studies and practices.

Why choose Yoga Samaadhi for your growth?

Yoga Samaadhi (Thailand) brings the authenticity of yoga wisdom and practices to Thailand.  Our main lead teachers are brought up in spiritual families with yoga as an important part of their youth and life principles.  We aim to bring balance between all subjects of yoga which are mainly categorized as yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy & physiology, pranayama, meditation, relaxation (Yoga Nidra) and practical yoga sessions (i.e. Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga).

In this modern day, yoga has been made into a sort of sport and exercise by many fitness companies and even adopted by many freelance yoga teachers.  Yoga has lost the spirituality that is the essence of it all.  Yoga Samaadhi wants to be part of the movement that brings spirituality aspect back into what people call “Yoga”.  We aim to give you the experience that makes you understand how meditation is link to the practical yoga session more than you realized, and that all yoga concepts and practices are just a part of going deeper into yourself and brings you closer to peace and self-realization.

Yoga Scholarship in Thailand

Our hearts are open to welcome seekers who are serious and dedicated to the philosophy and practices of yoga as a means to progress spiritually.   Scholarship opportunity will be considered on a person-to-person basis based on personal discussion.  This allows us some insight into your attitude towards life, motivation and spiritual goals.  Scholarship may be full or partial depending on our current financial capabilities to receive and care for you.

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Yoga Teacher Training Thailand - Reviews

Yoga Samaadhi – Chiang Mai, Thailand
I took their 200-hour TTC held in Chiangmai in October 2018. It was exactly what I had hoped for. The course was holistic and we had a total of 5 teachers for the 18 of us. I really appreciate their dedication and care for each of us. And although teaching was not my primary goal, I felt prepared and encouraged to try. The course definitely gave me a strong foundation for my personal practice going forward.
Written by: Mulan Katie
Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand


The 200 hrs Yoga TTC in Chiang Mai was a transformative experience for me. It was a challenge on all levels – physically, mentally and emotionally – but challenges that I welcomed! I felt I grew as a person and in terms of personal direction. My existing yoga practice deepened on several levels; and the Hatha and Ashtanga sessions caused cleansing in unexpected but necessary ways.
Written by: Gaynor Fitzgibbon
Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand